The X-Files System

We're the X-Files, so-called because we're "a bunch of spooky weirdos half the world doesn't even believe exists." We're a DID-diagnosed quoigenic system, and we mean "quoi"genic as in "mind your own business"-genic, and "we reject this classification system"-genic, and "it's complicated"-genic. We all have our ideas on how we got here and the exact nature of our system, please respect that.

ABOUT will tell you generally more about our system and how we work.

MEMBERS will take you to our members page. Assume anyone not listed is currently living Inworld and not interacting near Front.

VoC SUBSYSTEM will take you to a page explaining more about our median host, the Victim of Changes.


We're a system of mostly fictives, half nonhumans, all weirdos. We've been working as a system toward healthy multiplicity since 2014, and we've got ~24 members, give or take a few, with many of them currently living quietly Inworld. Those involved with or near Front are listed on our Members page.

We have two hosts, now. The Victim of Changes (aka, Rook), and Gabriel.

Some of our system is trauma-influenced, but we reject the idea of being born from it. Some of us are more open about this than others, and some have differing opinions on how much it plays into our life as a system. Again, we ask that our individual narratives be respected.

Some of our members also deal with exotrauma, and we absolutely treat it as their own individual traumas that subjectively impact them, not as a metaphor or cover-up for any collective "real" trauma.

Within our larger multiple system, we have two subsystems. The main host median system, and one other dual system within our larger one.


The Victim of Changes (ix/ixself, it/its, fae/faer, they/them) -- Goes by Rook, Alice, and/or Wix, is a fableing median subsystem with three major facets and an unknown number of sub-parts.

Gabriel (she/her, ze/hir) -- Supernatural post-fictive, adfeminine butch dog lady.


Castiel (he/him) -- Supernatural fictive, novelist, system Frontkeeper
Pearl (she/her) -- Steven Universe fictive, Inworld Caretaker
Haliaal (they/them) -- demon, connected to Maleficent in some way
Scully (she/her) -- X-Files fictive
Gaz (he/him) -- D&D fictive, newbie, SoulBond turned permanent resident
Dean (they/them) -- Supernatural Fictive

Garnet (she/her) -- Steven Universe fictive
Amethyst (she/her) -- Steven Universe Fictive
Sam (he/him) -- Supernatural fictive, inworld defense lawyer for Hunters
Nancy (she/her) -- The Craft fictive
Julie (she/her) -- The Maxx fictive, inworld therapist and social worker, literal walk-in

The Victim of Changes

A median subsystem, mostly called "Rook" as a whole, that looks and functions as very singular-shaped. Made up of three main facets and an unknown number of unaware sub-parts.

Main Facets

Sequence -- so-called because they're a sequential "stack" of faceted host identities with a semi-continuous ego and memory. This is the part that ties Rook/VoC to this-world and holds the major memories from this-world.

Alice -- From American McGee's Alice, a fableing facet of Alice, herself. Also somewhat of a sequential in that there's also a part of Alice that belongs to an Alice-inspired short story, and a part that belongs to the original canon.

Often brings out the more "magical thinking" side of the VoC's collective psychosis and considers the psychosis to be part of their experience of being Alice.

Wix -- *A D&D fableing facet, Changeling, and Drow. They're also an incarnate of both Lloth and the Traveler. They experience a parallel life in their campaign alongside this-life.